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Gran Turismo PSP Review

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Gran Turismo PSP Review

It was announced with promise to be the best racing sim… the best one that you’ve never had the chance to Turismo drive on PSP. It’s like you’re in a car. The cars are way too fast. And the tracks are made of pictures. Does that sound ore then? I don’t think so. It’s the Gran Turismo PSP review that I’ve always wanted.

At first I expected this to be the best car race simulator as well. It’s got to have the tons and tons of cars. And the tracks are supposed to be realistic (okay I’ll go with the word reality for the most part). The initial car models (when Turismo u chose your car) were great with those tiny details that made me remember the early 90s when the Need For Speed series first started out. But once you’ve chosen your car and tracks, it changes rapidly. This is supposedly the most Turismo ealistic Gran Turismo for the PSP with cars sliding, swerving, ground Stopping and battling for position on the roads.

There’s an online mode for playing against other PSP users and I’ve found it fairly good for playing when I have the time. There are the usual modes such as online races, where you can race against others. And there are story based modes that were missing from previous iterations. One mode simply called Race reveal is worth the money for anyone that likes to just sit back and watch the race unfold.

There’s some elements to this game that made Need For Speed: Shift. That’s apparent from the start, the presentation is that great. For lack of a better Turismo ord, it’s like you’re watching a car movie, but this is a racing game. And cars are really cool. It’s a shame that the graphics don’t do a good job of representing the speed, but I’m confident that this will be improved in time.

Need For Speed Most Wanted still has the creepy factory setting. This is a throw back to the early 90s where the only goal was to get to the next city. And once you’ve reached that city, you unlock a new track. For me, this is a nice touch. But there’s a new setting called Miami. And once you’ve completed that track, you unlock a street circuit.

I really like the street circuits. They’re not the kinds of races Turismo ou see in the background of racing games such as Forza or GTR. They’re more high-speed affairs. Think of the old Mario Kart.

Another feature that I think is really cool is the online car customization mode. So if you want to dress your car the way you like, no problem. You can change the car appearance, change the decals, and if you’re feeling gutsy, you can actually Turismo ake your car to a local racetrack and do the distance run.

Speaking of distance, another major change toNeed For Speedis how you move in the game. There’s a whole new handheld feature called Yasmin blinking mode. This blinking mode, I’m sure you have noticed, is pretty much the equivalent to the Wii’s flashless mode. But did you know that with this new controller, you can gain a staggering statistic that shows how far or short you’ve run? Well, in fact, you can do a little freestyle grinding while you’re doing this.


During each race, the clock seems to advance so fast that you’re sure to make a collision. But do you know that you can actually Turismo reak a rod with your front end? Yep, that’s right, you can do pretty much anything you want while Turismo acing. And if you don’t want to, you can change the color of your motor home to suit your mood. สล็อตเเว็บตรงเเตกง่าย

The diamonds in the game are the instant speed boost. In addition to an increased top speed, you’ll also get a speed boost for closing the gap around another car. The boost lasts for a short period of time, so be smart about when you use it. And be sure to use it at the right time in order to beat the competition.

Another feature Turismo worth mentioning is the new weather system. Currently, there are three weather types to choose from. One is a standard weather system that always occurs in the same place. Another is an exotic weather system. The exotic weather systems don’t ever occur in the same place. This feature also exists for the racing game.

Need For Speed Shift also has a new feature called entertainment drive. Basically, this Turismo eature allows you to go straight or reverse without crossing any obstacles. This is a great feature for blocking that gap for the next car.Turismo

At the end of the day, Need For Speed Shift is a timeless classic that achieved great success on the original gaming Turismo atform. If you still haven’t played it before, now is the time to experience all the things the game and franchise meant to deliver.